Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ultimate Antivirus Toolkit AIO

Ultimate AIO Anti-Virus Toolkit
Here is a very handy little AIO. It features many anti-virus/anti-malware tools in one easy to use application.

Included is the following:

*Norton Technicians Toolkit (used by Staples Techs, lol) (virus definitions updated to 6/16 and features some
great tools and apps)

*Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (needs no keys or serials and can be run on demand)

*MalwareBytes Portable (great malware scanner/remover made portable in case you cannot install

*Ultimate Process Killer 2.02 (far better at killing processes than task manager)

*McAffe Stinger (nice trojan remover)

*FileAssasin Portable (allows you to delete ANY folder or file that malware is protecting)

*Conflicker Removal Tool

*McAffee Bugbear Removal Tool

*F-Secure Blacklight Rootkit Remover

*Smitfraud Fix

*Symnatec Vundo Removal Tool

*Symnatec Sasser Removal Tool

*Symnatec Blaster Remover

*Symnatec MyDo0m Removal Tool

*Symnatec DownandUp Removal Tool

*Symnatec Ramvicrype Removal Tool

*Trend Micro HiJack This Registry Analyzer

*Ninja USB/Thumbdrive Disinfector (nice little app to fix USB autorun virus)

So basically, if you cannot fix your PC with this, it's time to "Nuke
& Pave"!

To use this AIO, just double click to install (it will just create a folder in C:\AIO AV TOOLKIT). An shortcut icon will
be created on the desktop.

I have tested this in safe mode and it works great.

(Don't forget to add the icon to the task bar, or start menu so you will be able to launch the app in safe mode, should
you need it)

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